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· Individual sessions
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What Is The Alexander Technique?

For more than a century, the Alexander Technique has helped people improve their performance by rediscovering their natural coordination. Actors, musicians, and dancers have used this method to transcend unproductive habits of movement and move with grace and beauty.
It’s a gentle and effective approach that focuses on improving posture, coordination, and body awareness. Certified teachers of the Alexander Technique guide you to become more aware of your habits, helping you build healthier movement patterns while relieving tension and stress. 

What Happens in a Session?

With each Alexander Technique session, you will:

· Release tension you didn’t know existed
· Discover effortless movement, speech, and singing
· Experience natural alignment and poise
· Feel lighter and more serene

Hi, I'm Casey.

I’ll admit it: the Alexander Technique was a last resort for me. I had already tried everything under the sun to relieve my chronic pain: Physical therapy. Yoga. Acupuncture. Chiropractic. I even spoke with a surgeon! But my body problems always came back. I was ready to try anything to fix my body once and for all…and that’s when I saw the flyer for an Alexander Technique session, at a coffee shop in Berlin.

After my first session with a certified teacher, I felt happier and more at ease than I’d been in a long time. Within 20 sessions, I went back to the dream career I’d had to abandon before–because now I could do it WITHOUT PAIN.

I couldn’t believe the transformation, so I set out to learn just what my Alexander Technique teacher had done to help me get my life back.

It was a long road to master this technique so that I could give other people what it’s given me, but I’ve done it, and I’m ready to share this transformative system with others as a certified teacher.

Are you ready to live a braver, stronger life, with better posture and more freedom? Then I am here for you. Send me a message or book your first session. I’d love to help you embody your best self.

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